About Us

About Lookout Valley Equipment Sales

We are the trucking industry's fleet acquisition and remarketing solution. Lookout Valley Equipment Sales specializes in providing the highest and most comprehensive standards of in-house fleet disposal and market based liquidation services in the industry.

Lookout Valley Equipment Sales was born from the visionary concept to provide transportation companies (from small to mega) with a viable market driven and highly competitive alternative to manufacturer and/or captive liquidation options.

Why Lookout Valley Equipment Sales

Because your organization (and your assets) deserve the highest level of exposure in the market place and that's what you get with Lookout Valley Equipment Sales! We put to work for you our extensive network of buyers, sellers, dealers, and exporters at market pace - right now!

Our staff of seasoned professionals combine a unique blend of skills and networks to move your assets to the forefront of the market place when you need it most - today.

Based in Chattanooga, TN, Lookout Valley Equipment Sales provides professional staffing both on-site and nationwide to ensure your equipment moves at market pace to buyers both domestic and global.

Our Services

Lookout Valley Equipment Sales sells your equipment. At Lookout Valley Equipment Sales we provide our clients with a transparent sales process that let's you focus on what you do best-exceeding your customer's expectations!

Our sales process provides you with continuous market analysis to give your company market real conditions to assist with asset decisions on timing/turn/etc. In addition we provide consultations to maximize fleet utilization, cost controls, profitability, and liquidation turn cycles.

Our clients get the highest levels of product exposure in the industry.